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Kidz Danz Kompany, San Diego’s premier children’s dance company, presents a virtual encore performance of “The Constitution” on August 29, 2020 @ 6pm PST. 

The Constitution” received one National Youth Arts awards (2018) for Outstanding Dance Performance and an award for Outstanding Dance Ensemble.  It also received three nominations for Outstanding Dance Performance and one nomination for Outstanding Choreography (Spencer John Powell).

Known for their socially conscious work, Kidz Danz Kompany tackles American History through dance.  “The Constitution” is a celebration of our history, thorns, roses and all.  Most importantly we celebrate not only being an American citizen, but the important fact that we are also citizens of a greater World Community.

Founding Artistic Director Spencer John Powell presents a work based on the love letters from John and Abigail Adams titled “John and Abigail Adams” and The 13th Amendment, a beautiful moving duet with the KDK dancers that ask the audience to remember our country’s past.  The KDK dancers tackle the 3/5 rule on African Americans titled “3/5”, which follows the reality of American slavery from the auction block to the successful African Americans we see today. A KDK dancer will be talking about a “Revolution” in a very moving solo, choreographed and danced by the soloist herself.  Included in the production will be “Laughing”, a fun work that salutes Benjamin Franklin, and “The Dreamers”, a moving work dedicated to the immigrant dream.  Kidz Danz Kompany will also pay homage to such historical figures such as Black Hawk, Phyllis Wheatley, Dolly Madison and others in their work “S.O.S”.

The concert ends with “We the Kidz of the United States of America”.  This work asks us to be hopeful for the future of our beautiful country and the importance of freedom for America and the world!

Don’t miss out on this award winning encore presentation.  Gather the whole family together for a history lesson like no other.  You will be moved, you will learn, and, by the end of the concert, you will be dancing in your seats!

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Check out the amazing and talented kids of Kidz Danz Kompany:

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